BM Grade 12

I really enjoyed last year’s BM class though I really feel that I could do better. From what I’ve done, I think my organization is good though my analyzation is lacking. I think that instead of just reading creative articles like short stories, I should start reading other more business-like articles too. I think watching world news from an overall perspective would help a lot.


Among the ten characteristics of the IB learner profile, none are missing and none are really being overdone. Each characteristic allows students to show a different aim and goal in order to be an “Internationally Minded” person.

In my opinion though, I believe that there can be changes made to being “Balanced”. According to the short description on the learner profile, being balanced means: “They understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.” But I believe that to completely succeed in one aspect, one should exert more to the point of being an over excessive amount even. In my opinion, instead of being ‘Balanced’, it might be better to consciously know when too much is too much and when too less is too less.

My Feelings about the Videos in ToK

Among the three videos, I liked the last one the least. Yes the least. In fact, the only feeling that actually overtook my passiveness was my curiosity to find out what would happen. In the end though, I still think I wasn’t really bothering anymore with this. I was in my so-called “Nothing-ness Box”.

The second video shown actually caught my full attention; I was intrigued. It was art after all. Also, the fact that I didn’t know what the man was doing caught me right away. It was pretty cool and interested-AWESOMIZED.

The first video made me lost at first. Boxes? Sure. But as the video went on, I started to understand what he was getting at; Men want nothing, women want everything. I actually related to it, a lot. Especially since EVERYTHING and yes I do mean everything felt true. I do happen to have a NOTHING-ness BOX and my mom does happen to want to talk about EVERYTHING.

I probably should have felt more in general but I’m me. I only like interesting things and truth be told, I didn’t really personally feel much.

ToK Blogging!

Knowledge is a word, knowledge is what we know. It is now within my knowledge to say the word “knowledge” is harder to define than I thought.

To make my life much simpler of course, I’d just use a dictionary. Yes, that would be the easiest thing to do but I guess it has to be deeper than that, right?

From my experience with the talk and the activities, I really have to ask what IS knowledge?

In all honesty, I’m hopeless. The only thing that pops into my head is knowledge is something we know. Then it’d be okay for me to ask that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is knowledge right?

Business Management: Vision and Mission

Mission: To LIVE life to the fullest I can.

Vision:I will step on all blocking my path and bring all those who follow my flow. All this to one day see myself on top of the world, being a man of all and for all. To be that man who just to simply envision myself, I’d have to look up.

CAS Video

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Okay, so Imma tell you the experience of not having anything to right on with my second post about any school related activity for Xelect. Well technically its about not having anything to write, confused yet?

Well if you are my dear reader, you have made one young author very happy. Anyway I’ll get to the point!

So one sad hell week afternoon, Kennard was on the computer thinking of something to write about his school activities. Not having anything to write about, he decided to write about not being able to write something in Xelect. End result: He wrote about not being able to write about anything!

And so Kennard turned his frown upside down and wrote!

He was very happy until he got home and remembered everything he needed to cram about, but instead went on to watch Pokemon!